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How do you deal with people that are unsupportive of your fitness goals?

There are a couple of ways that I deal with unsupportive people. If these people are merely acquaintances, it's pretty simple: limit your time around them, or stop spending time with them completely. True friends will be happy and supportive of your goals, and you'll enjoy an environment where everyone makes progress. If you're not able to avoid negative people, practice changing the subject when they bring up your fitness goals. Try to keep your goals hidden from unsupportive people. If you have unsupportive family members, take time to explain why you're working towards your goals. You want to be healthier, stronger, and fitter - and adopting a new lifestyle is a part of it. At first, they may not understand. Hold your ground and persevere. Eventually, they will get on board with you and your goals.

Erin Stern, 2x Ms. Figure Olympia


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Posted on January 3, 2018


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