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First Quarter 2013

Blog Article ImageIt's only March in the new year and I've already competed twice, with the results being much different.  The first contest this year was the USAPL Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.  I felt going into this contest I had done enough to set myself up for a nice personal best but it wasn't meant to be.  Since I started competing in 2007 I really haven't had a bad meet but I think I can qualify this one as my first.  

I showed up in Ohio two days prior to competing.  I like to have a day or two to kind of relax before I lift.  When Saturday arrived I felt confident in the numbers I had picked out for my attempts and was ready to hit something big.  This all changed as I entered to weigh in.  I was informed we would be warming up far away from the expo stage and they weren't sure on the start time.  Wanting to play it safe I started messing with my numbers, something I never do.  I dropped my opener, which in turn meant I was going to have to lower my second attempt.  As warm ups were getting done and I hit my last one, there was probably a good 30 minutes before my first attempt.  I never wait this long in between my last warm-up and my actual first attempt but there was nothing I could do.  

I opened up with 771 and felt good about it. I jumped my second attempt to 821, stood straight up with it however right before the down call I took a step backwards with it.  I couldn't believe this happened, as I have never done it before.  I knew I still had to take more weight for my third attempt and bumped it up to 832.  It came off the floor but I struggled with it at the mid point and didn't have enough to finish it.  

Overall I had a great time there, even with the bad meet.  A huge congrats to fellow HMB athlete Brad Gillingham who also competed and won 1st for the heaviest deadlift.  Bryan Dermody, another fellow HMB athlete also competed.  It won't be long before he finally gets that 800 pull.    

Before even leaving this year's Arnold my mind was already set on hitting big numbers at the USAPL Missouri State Open being held three weeks later.  I love lifting at this meet because it is held in my hometown and it draws a large number of competitors.  For me it's a fun, loose meet where I try to hit nothing but big numbers.  This year I was able to talk fellow US team member Erik Kasabuske to come down from Wisconsin to compete.  

After the Arnold I really kind of coasted into this meet and felt I let my body recover a little after the taxing training cycle I just completed.  Leading up to this meet I had one number in mind and that was finally breaking through the 900-pound squat barrier.  Once I started warming up I knew it was going to happen.  

My opener on squat was 821 and then took 859 for my second.  Both these felt great and after hitting my second I told Erik's wife, Kat, who was running numbers, to put in 903.  With over 100 people competing there was an awesome crowd there and they all got behind the lift.  I unracked it, squatted and stood up with it with barely any grind.  My first 900-pound squat was in the books and I even feel like I left pounds on the platform. 

With the bench I wasn't expecting any spectacular as I have struggled with it as of late.  I was pleasantly surprised when my first two attempts of 540 and 562 both went up easy.  I had 584 down for my last attempt but we decided to bump it up to 589 to help with the total.  This also went up fairly easy and now was sitting with a 1493 subtotal and going over possible totals in my mind.  

Before the meet I hadn't even looked at any of the American records because I didn't think I had a chance.  This all changed because I had a solid bench though so we looked up the records on the USAPL website and saw the total record was 1057.5 kilos.  My main goal of the meet was getting as close or over 2300 pounds as I could.  With my deadlift attempts already picked I knew I would be a little over 2300 with my second attempt.  I decided if I got my second attempt I would load whatever I needed on my third to set the new record.  

I opened on the deadlifts with 771 and then bumped it up to 810 on my second.  This meant the third attempt was going to have to be 843 to hit a 1060-kilo total (2336 pounds).  The bar was loaded and I pulled with all my might and somehow found enough strength to stand up with it.  I set it down and saw two white lights meaning it was a good lift and good for a new American record total.  With that said I am still trying to get confirmation on the record as I found a different total which was slightly higher, just not sure why it wasn't listed on the records.    

With this meet in the books I now have my sights on one thing, the 2013 World Games.  With this total I have even more confidence that my numbers will keep raising and I'm hoping for a huge total in Cali, Columbia.  I don't think there is any way I would be near as strong as I am without the use of my HMB and 1st Phorm supplements.  The way I train I rely on the HMB to immediately start the recovery process.  I am truly blessed to have the help of these two great companies.  

I will keep everyone updated on my training for the World Games with future blogs and videos.  Until then, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You'll be glad you did.  

Posted on March 29, 2013


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