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Featured Product of the Month: Twinlab HMB Fuel

The featured product of the month is Twinlab HMB Fuel.

Twinlab Corporation has been around since 1968 and their brand has been dedicated to being a leader in innovation and providing high performance health and wellness products to consumers.

Under Twinlab’s sports & fitness muscle category you can find this month’s featured product HMB Fuel. HMB Fuel helps minimize protein breakdown and damage to muscle cells after intense training allowing you to recovery faster.  It also aids in protein synthesis to increase muscle protein in the body and improve strength.  HMB Fuel has recently been modified from the original to have a more convenient serving size for you.  For more information on timing and to customize your dosing please click here.

Maximize your results from your training regimen by trying HMB Fuel today!  Purchase here.

Posted on July 10, 2013


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