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Featured Product of the Month: Swanson Ultra HMB

Since 1969 Swanson Health Products has taken pride in providing nutritional supplements that help consumers obtain their very best health to allow them to focus on their passions.  In their sports nutrition line is this month’s featured product: Swanson Ultra HMB.

Swanson Ultra HMB contains the proven ingredient beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB).  HMB is a natural compound that is produced during the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine.  Research has shown that supplementing with HMB during training can help build strength, improve endurance and aid recovery, giving you as an athlete or competitor that extra edge.

Swanson Ultra HMB delivers 1-gram capsules of HMB, making it easy to get your recommended daily dosage of 3 grams in.  Proper dosing and delivery timing is key in optimizing your results.  Click here to learn more about customizing your dosing/delivery timing with HMB.

You work hard for your results and deserve only the best!  Try Swanson Ultra HMB today to help fuel your training.  Save 28% on a bottle today and purchase here.

Posted on August 22, 2016


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