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Featured Product of the Month: MHP's A-Bomb

Top-level bodybuilder Gerard Dente created MHP (Maximum Human Performance) in 1997.  As a competitive athlete he knew that it took the best training techniques, diet strategies and the highest quality supplements to be his best.  Gerard made it MHP’s primary objective to develop premier science-based research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest potential.  In their great line of products is the featured product of the month A-Bomb.

MHP’s A-Bomb is a formula of compounds, branched chained amino acids, branched chain keto acids, and HMB.  A-Bomb aids in increasing protein synthesis and helps fuel muscle growth.  It promotes multiple anabolic actions while simultaneously reducing catabolism (muscle wasting) during and after intense training sessions.  To read more about what this product can do for your performance click here!

Try MHP’s A-Bomb today to see how it can help you achieve the results you want in the gym!  Purchase here!

Posted on September 18, 2013


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