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Featured Product of the Month: EAS Muscle Armor

EAS’ mission is to provide the highest-quality sports nutrition products to help you reach the next level in your training goals.  EAS is one of the first brands to achieve 100% certification for banned-substance testing on all of their products to ensure you’re getting safe, effective products to meet your athletic needs.

Under EAS’ performance and strength category you will find this month’s featured product Muscle Armor.  Muscle Armor contains 1.5 grams of HMB, 7 grams of l-glutamine, and 7 grams of l-arginine.  Together this combination of ingredients has been clinically proven to help increase muscle strength, mass and power.  These amino acids help by reducing muscle cell damage and protein breakdown allowing you to recover faster and get the most out of your next training session. 

“I’ve been using it (Muscle Armor) for a month and I’ve noticed improvements in my recovery and overall body composition,” stated a reviewer on the EAS website

Start taking your training to the next level with Muscle Armor today!  Purchase here.

Posted on August 18, 2015


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