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Featured Product of the Month: BodyTech HMB from the Vitamin Shoppe

The featured product of the month is BodyTech HMB that can be purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe.

The Vitamin Shoppe is dedicated to helping people fulfill their health and wellness needs by carrying a variety of nutritional products at competitive prices.  With over 400 name brands Vitamin Shoppe also carries their own product line: BodyTech. 

BodyTech HMB helps aid in recovery by minimizing protein breakdown and allows you to have maximal intensity at your next training session.  It also helps increase protein synthesis to promote strength gains.  To read reviews from athletes that use BodyTech HMB please take a look here!  Before taking also make sure you’re customizing your dosing for you.  To find proper dosing information click here.

Try BodyTech HMB today to improve your training results!  Purchase here!

Posted on October 17, 2013


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