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Featured Product of the Month: Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB

GNC is committed to setting the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by providing cutting-edge products that are safe and effective to help you live well.  GNC has created a new brand line called Beyond Raw focusing on science-backed sports nutrition products and from their line is this month’s featured product Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB.

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB contains 13 mcg of Vitamin D and 3 grams of HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate). 

Vitamin D has been known for decades to be important for healthy bones; but more recently Vitamin D has been discovered as a vital nutrient for muscle function as well.  Learn more here.

HMB is a natural compound produced during the metabolism of the amino acid leucine.  Whether you’re into bodybuilding or strength training, the end goal is to increase muscle protein synthesis. Not only does HMB increase muscle protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway, but it also decreases protein breakdown.  These two mechanisms help to blunt muscle damage, repair muscles, and aid with muscle growth.  Learn more about the mechanisms behind HMB here.

Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB comes in a powder form making it easy to mix one scoop in with 8 oz. of water or another beverage.  To learn more about dosing and delivery timing for HMB click here.

Start optimizing your training results with Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs HMB today!

Posted on November 16, 2017


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