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Featured Product of the Month: Abbott Nutrition’s JUVEN®

Abbott Nutrition is committed to helping people live their best life by promoting good health.  For more than 125 years, Abbott Nutrition has pursued advancements in science, technology, medicine, and nutrition to bring consumers innovative products to enhance their wellness.  Under Abbott Nutrition’s therapeutic category is this month’s featured product JUVEN®.

JUVEN® is a targeted therapeutic nutrition drink mix that has been clinically shown to support wound healing in as little as 2 weeks and to help build and maintain lean body mass (LBM) in 4 weeks. 

One of the key ingredients in JUVEN® is CaHMB (calcium beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate).  HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine and has been shown to help produce new tissue by slowing down muscle breakdown and enhancing protein synthesis.

To learn more on the capabilities of JUVEN® visit here.

Posted on January 17, 2018


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