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Featured Product of the Month - MHP A-Bomb!

The featured product for this month is MHP A-Bomb, a supplement containing HMB as one of the main ingredients to increase muscle mass and decrease muscle breakdown.

MHP or Maximum Human Performance is a well-established sports nutrition company that has been around for over ten years. MHP provides both effective and high-quality products for their clients. They were recently named “The Breakout Sports Nutrition Brand of the Year” by the 2008 Prosource Supplement Buyer’s Guide.

MHP A-Bomb was one of the first products available on the market to work as a gene enhancer. All of A-Bomb’s ingredients have been thoroughly researched at the DNA level, where they manipulate key muscle growth factors, such as the mTOR pathway and many other pathways.  By working to stimulate multiple pathways, A-Bomb increases muscle mass while simultaneously hindering muscle breakdown. It also works to hydrate muscle tissue, maximizing both muscle cell volume and strength.

In addition to these great benefits, A-Bomb continues long after your done training thanks to the pharmaceutically-developed 12 Hour Metered Dose Technology. This places your body in a high anabolic state, meaning your building muscle all day long!

Give MHP A-Bomb a try today and see how this product helps you build lean mass long after your workout! Order here.


Posted on December 2, 2009


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