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Featured Product of the Month - MET-Rx Hardcore HMB

The featured product for this month is Met-Rx Hardcore HMB capsules.

Met-Rx Engineered Nutrition, which was founded in 1991, is a nutritional company that sells a wide variety of supplements.  Met-Rx understands the vital role that nutrition plays in the lives of athletes who push their bodies to the limit in order to be successful. By staying on the cutting-edge of research, Met-Rx is able to produce an assortment of supplements to fit the needs of athletes looking to be the best.

HMB, a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, is scientifically proven to help support strength levels and muscle in combination with resistance training.

Each serving of Met-Rx Hardcore HMB contains 222 mg of calcium β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate monohydrate. Adults using Met-Rx HMB should take four capsules three times daily.

It’s time to become hardcore about your training, give Met-Rx Hardcore HMB a try today! Purchase here!


Posted on March 10, 2010


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