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Featured Product fo the Month: GNC Pro Performance HMB

This month’s featured product is GNC Pro Performance HMB!

GNC’s fundamental principle is focusing on quality first.  As a business they pay constant attention to new research and scientific discoveries so they can provide leading-edge products to their consumers.  One of those products includes GNC Pro Performance HMB

GNC Pro Performance HMB helps improve protein synthesis and plays a role in decreasing protein breakdown allowing you to recover faster and improve your strength gains from resistance training.  On 63 people recommend this product and one-customer states, “I normally am a little sore a day after a hard workout. Then a little more sore the next day and by the third day I hurt like hell. This kills my workouts. With HMB I can go all out and work the same muscle groups two times a week and never really even get sore.”

For proper dosing information regarding HMB please refer to the Science Instead of Hype link on your left.

Start getting the results you want by incorporating GNC Pro Performance HMB into your training regimen!  Click here to Buy One Get One 50% Off!

Posted on August 14, 2013


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