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Featured Product fo the Month - EAS Muscle Armor

The featured product for this month is EAS Muscle Armor, a product infused with Juven TechnologyTM, which is clinically proven to rejuvenate muscle.

EAS is a well-established sports nutrition company, known for producing highly-researched supplements. Muscle Armor is a multi-patented combination working to give athletes increased mass and power.

Juven TechnologyTM is a mixture of the essential amino acids, L-glutamine and arginine, and HMB.  All the components of Muscle Armor are clinically proven to increase protein synthesis while minimizing muscle damage and preventing protein degradation.  With these benefits, Muscle Armor rejuvenates muscles while working to increase overall body strength.

EAS Muscle Armor is TJ Tollakson’s favorite HMB product. TJ Tollakson, a triathlete and a member of Team HMB, says using HMB helps him recover from intense training sessions. “HMB allows me to actively recover from the toughest training while minimizing the fatigue and damage to my muscles.”

To maximize the results of training and build overall body strength, give EAS’s Muscle Armor a try today! Order here.

Muscle Armor

Posted on November 2, 2009


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