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Fall Strongman Fun

The last quarter of 2011 is quickly approaching and as of now I have only competed 3 times. Fortunately, I have two big contests coming up this fall that will make this year’s struggles and hard work well worth it. First, in October I will be travelling to Canada to compete in the Oktoberfest Bavarian Strongman Challenge. This is an upper level show in Canada and will present a couple challenges that will truly test my mettle as a strongman, especially in the pressing and vehicle pulling categories.

Moving forward from here I will be competing in the NAS Heavyweight Amateur Nationals and the 105KG America’s Strongest Man on the first weekend in November at Harrah’s Casino in Tunica, MS. I will be bringing everything I’ve got to defend my title against some real stellar competition.

After what seemed like a slump in the first half of this year my training is really back on track now. My squat and deadlift numbers are creeping back up to top pro levels, atlas stones and logs are being tossed around with increasing ease, and carrying odd objects is improving by the training session. Consistently using HMB has really helped get me back on track.  When your looking to gain strength and recovery is a top priority, this supplement is a must have. Other than HMB, I only supplement with Optimum Whey proteins on a regular basis. This combination has led to a second 105KG ASM title and there are more great results to come!

Posted on September 22, 2011


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