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Blog Article ImageWell it’s been a few weeks since I competed in the 2013 World Games and figured I would give a recap of the greatest competition I’ve ever been involved with. 

The reason I feel this was the greatest competition is because it is the closest thing powerlifting has to being in the Olympics.  In order to compete in these games one must qualify and to do so is of the highest standard.  The other thing a little different about this meet is how the flights are broken down.  We usually have 8 weight classes however for the World Games there are only four.  The winner is not based on weight lifted, but by a Wilkes formula.  This meant you had the best ten lifters in the world from two weight classes lumped together.   

I landed in Cali, Colombia on Sunday evening and didn’t lift until Thursday, which meant a lot of downtime.  I usually don’t spend that many days somewhere before a meet but I was excited to watch the other American lifters compete. 

Due to not really having a true weight class for this meet, I didn’t have any weight to cut.  This was great but it seemed like when I got to Cali no matter how much I ate I couldn’t gain any weight.  When Thursday rolled around I was sitting right at 269 pounds and was feeling great.

Before getting into the recap of the meet I wanted to share what the venue was like that the lifting was in.  It was an open-air coliseum, which had to be one of the coolest places I’ve seen a meet in.  With that said it was extremely hot inside and I had to make sure I was well hydrated throughout the day.  The other awesome thing about the venue was the warm up area.  This was off to the side of the main platform and was filled with eight Eleiko platforms and racks, all first class stuff. 

I felt great when I started my squat warm up and couldn’t wait for my first attempt.  I opened up with 837 pounds and struggled to get to depth but came away with a good lift.  I jumped up to 880 pounds for my second, which was my strongest squat of the day but got three reds and was called for depth.  I repeated the same weight for my third attempt but once I came out of the hole I leaned a little to the side allowing the bar to travel down for a split second before standing up with it, again no lift. 

At this point I was already in a big hole and knew I would have to hit all three benches to get myself back in the middle of the pack.  I opened up with 556 pounds, which was a good lift.  I bumped the weight up to 584 pounds for my second attempt but when the bar came off my chest I pushed the bar forward causing me to lose it.  I repeated my attempt for the third bench press however missed the lift just at lockout.

I had originally planned on opening a lot heavier on my deadlift but due to the day I was having I decided to lower it and go with 733 pounds.  This was a very easy opener but knew I wasn’t going to be pulling a personal record on this day.  I went to 771 pounds for the second attempt and after struggling for a split second with the lock out I was able to stand up with it.  I wanted to at least take a shot of going over 800 pounds so I jumped to 804 pounds.  I pulled with everything I had but came up short, missing the lift. 

I finished the day only 4 for 9 with a 2165 total.  This was by far the worst meet I have ever had.  My training prior to competing had me thinking I was primed for a great meet, however it definitely didn’t happen.  I could probably come up with a several excuses to why I had a bad meet but the number one reason was my technique was off and I simply did not perform. 

Although I did not have the meet I wanted, I still would not have changed the experience for anything.  The result of the meet though has lit a new fire under me and I am already planning my assault on the 2014 season.  I have already put my paperwork in to compete at next year’s Arnold to compete in the full meet and plan on redeeming myself.

As I train for the Arnold I will keep everyone updated with future blogs and videos.  Until then, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Posted on August 14, 2013


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