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Exciting New HMB research to be presented at the ISSN Conference!

Blog Article ImageOn June 22-23rd the ISSN 9th Annual Conference and Expo is being held in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  At this conference Dr. Jacob Wilson will be presenting, “Exercise and Nutrition Strategies to Prevent the Negative Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Resistance Training Adaptations”.  The purpose of his presentation will be to clarify what causes impairment in performance during training and what new research has been found to help counter these decrements.  Part of his presentation will include how HMB helps in the prevention of overtraining. In addition to this, new research on HMB will be introduced by Dr. Jacob Wilson and his colleagues. 

Please check back next week as we reveal the studies discussed in Dr. Jacob Wilson’s presentation at the ISSN Conference.

Posted on June 20, 2012


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