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Europa Supershow

Blog Article ImageI am very pleased that I added another competition to my schedule this year! The Dallas Europa Supershow was a great experience and my best performance so far placing fifth overall. The entire trip and preparation went extremely smooth which makes such a difference. I had a great time chatting with my fellow competitors and meeting other competitors for the first time. The energy in Dallas was fantastic with a huge expo and a well run show. It was also very enjoyable to watch the fitness routines being a former fitness competitor.

I am now feeling like I am completely settled into the new bikini division. After switching from fitness and figure to bikini, I was excited about the change along with adjusting to the new division. The stage presentation is very different from figure along with no mandatory stances for your solo presentation. It is a nice change, since I am free to present myself as I would like. That stage time allows me to show my physique and personality in the best way possible.

My physique has been very consistent with the help of HMB. I am continually reassessing and improving my presentation at each show with better placings each time. I also liked my choice of suit, hair, and makeup in this show as opposed to the others.

I am thrilled to get back on stage in less than four weeks to do it again at home in California. From now until then I will be practicing my stage presence for an even better show. I will keep my physique at top notch level by continuing to train hard and have optimal recovery with the help of HMB!

Posted on August 17, 2010


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