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Erin Stern Interview!

Erin Stern has been a competitive athlete her entire life.  This former Gator became recognized in track and field for the high jump, pentathlon, and heptathlon.  From there, Erin made the USA Track and Field team and was able to compete in the Maccabi Games in Israel in 2009 with a jump of  5'11", just missing the Olympic qualifying height.  Recently, Erin has stepped into the world of figure competitions.  She placed 6th at the Olympia and was also awarded Rookie of the Year.  Erin continues to compete in both figure competitions and track and field with a promising future ahead of her.  We welcome Erin Stern to Team HMB!


Q: Where did the athletic roots of Erin begin?

ES: I was always athletic growing up!  I think my dad wanted boys, so even at a young age, my sister and I were outside climbing trees, riding horses, and running around.  It seemed like we turned many activities into competitions, like who could climb the tree faster, jump farthest, or run fastest!

Q: When did you start competing in track & field and how did it progress to what it is now?

ES: I started competing in track & field during Junior year of high school.  At that time, I was jumping the obstacles with my horse - running right next to him!  I went to UF for college, and was invited to walk on for the high jump.  I ended up earning a partial scholarship and competing in the multi-events.  I took a couple years off from competing after school, then joined USATF.  I have been going to track meets for the last three years - I love it!!

Q: Being an accomplished track and field athlete what motivated you compete in figure competitions?

ES: I started to compete in figure when I realized that I was close to my maximum potential in the high jump, and I was not quite at the elite level that I wanted to compete at.  I tried figure in the hopes that I could take it to a higher level of competition.  It would also allow me to continue to train like an athlete.

Q: What kind of training do you do in order to be in shape for both figure competitions and track & field?

ES:  I do sprint workouts, plyometric training, and powerlifting.  This has remained the same.  The only change now is that I have added bodybuilding type weight workouts to help sculpt the muscles.

Q: To be a professional athlete you really have to be disciplined and sacrifice.  In your opinion are the rewards worth the sacrifice? 

ES: Without a doubt!!  It's amazing what the body and mind can do - and it doesn't feel like sacrifice if you truly love your sport!

Q: When you’re in the off season of figure competitions what cheat food do you like to indulge in? 

ES: I really like pizza. Other than that, in the off-season, I do enjoy pretzels, frozen yogurt, hummus, and other foods I wouldn't ordinarily eat in the few weeks before a show. 

Q: Out of all of your accomplishments which would you say was your proudest moment? 

ES: Jumping 5'11" in the jump was a great feeling!!  In figure, it would be a tie between winning the overall at NPC Nationals and recently placing 6th at the Figure Olympia.

Q: What lies in the future for Erin?  What are your goals/aspirations?

ES: My short-term goals for this year include clearing 6' in the high jump, placing top three at the Figure Olympia (Arnold Classic), and helping others live healthier and get stronger!

Q: Being a long-time HMB user, why did you decide to start taking the supplement and why do you continue to use it today? 

ES: I started taking HMB in college.  My strength training coach recommended it to aid in recovery.  At that time, I was training twice a day, and I felt sore very often.  Once I started taking HMB, I noticed that I wasn't as sore, and I was able to do a higher volume of work during the week.  I still use it today because it works!!  I'm still training with two-a-days, and I feel like I need that help with recovery!

Q: Being you’re one of our athletes that has used HMB to help your training for a long time, could you tell us about your experiences with it and what you think HMB will do to help you succeed in for the future? 

ES: After I started taking HMB, I noticed my sprint times were more consistent - I think this is because I wasn't as sore and was able to continually run hard!  The intensity was also maintained in the weight room.  I think I'm able to see greater gains by taking HMB, and if I'm able to train harder than my competition, it gives me an advantage on the field and on the stage!


Thanks for taking the time today for this interview.  We are very excited to have you be a part of Team HMB and wish you the best of luck with your future training and competitions!


Posted on October 22, 2009


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