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Ellements Fitness Cover Model | Philita Wheeler

A few months ago I was given an opportunity to shoot with Ellements Magazine. The location was along the sunny coastal waters of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  This was a sharp contrast to the lingering Ohio winter. I spent some time enjoying the sun and beaches and debated missing my flight to catch some more R&R.

The results landed me on the cover of the magazine along with an interview and 4 page spread.  I’m completely honored at just the opportunity. The magazine is full of gorgeous women and many top agency models have graced the cover before me.

Rest assured I’m continuing to train hard and keep myself in shape for anything that comes my way next! I’m still relying on HMB for recovery.  It’s been a staple in my nutrition regimen for years.

Check out the cover and article!

Posted on June 2, 2015


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