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Effect of HMB in the elderly adult population

Previous studies have shown that an optimal dosage of HMB for young adults is approximately 3 grams per day.  Researchers investigated the optimal HMB amount for the elderly to improve performance and decrease muscle damage.  Fifteen older adults, aged 55-80, were divided into three groups of 0, 38, or 76 mg of HMB/kg of body weight per day.  Results showed that there was no difference between the groups.  Additional subjects would help clarify the differences between the amounts of HMB supplemented to subjects and the effect that increased doses of HMB have on muscle damage and performance.

For more information on this study and HMB read the abstract at{24A58842-A6E4-47C5-889B-B8D603BBBA25}.


Posted on November 15, 2010


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