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Blog Article ImageIt’s been two weeks since I competed at the Kentucky Muscle where I placed 5th in a large class of top-notch ladies! I’ve taken more time to reflect on this show prep than any other as this prep was substantially different than any other I’ve had.  I had a major schedule change and for a person who is extremely dependent upon a schedule it made prep a very tough mental challenge for me.  I also don’t think I took in enough carbs during the end of this prep and it dropped my energy levels too low.  Additionally, I ceased the use of any thermogenics/fat burners as I heard of liver failure cases.  I made the decision that my health was more important than any trophy on stage.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the supplement craze of using fat burners to take you to the next level.  I didn’t start competing to do this to my body, so I decided that only through diet and exercise is how I will present myself on stage.  In all honesty it may mean no top finishes for me in bigger shows but I’m after a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will inspire others to join me. I’ll stick with my natural supplements that I trust, like HMB, fish oil, creatine, and Clean Science products.

With that being said. Now that I’m in my improvement season I can count on HMB to give me that extra recovery I need at the gym. I will need it more than ever now, as I have embarked on a 12-week plan called “the Mountain Dog Way” by John Meadows. It’s basically heavy back workouts with some movements I have never seen.  I am increasing my calories significantly and cutting cardio to 2 days a week, all HIIT/strength cardio. I’m so excited to get to the gym now that I’ve started this program.  It’s fun, challenging, and heavy! I will be sure to post some videos soon of some of these new moves.

Additionally, I’m following the advice of fellow Team HMB member Danyelle Mastorone’s leg workouts she talked about (click here for her leg day video) and incorporating that into my leg day!

Between her brutal leg workouts and the Mountain Dog Way, my gains should be incredible. For me, this sport is all about the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment. I think this should do the trick!

Thanks for all the support and continue to follow me through my improvement season journey and watch me grow!

Posted on November 25, 2013


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