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Determined to get back on the Fitness Trail

Blog Article ImageNine hours following my first regular leg work out and I knew I was in for a rough night and next few days. The familiar aching had prematurely sat in.  Although I should have known since my legs were already cramping during my 3rd set of squats. After all, it had been 7 weeks since the bar had touched my shoulders. I wasn’t going to half ass this though. No, from this point out my squats were going to make even the men in the gym jealous. How low could I go?

The hardest part about week one back in the gym wasn’t getting back into the routine.  A person of discipline never has a problem with that.  Rather, it was knowing what I could once do and having to settle for lighter weights and fewer sets. But the feeling of determination was the same for me.  I knew I would eventually be sailing to new heights and new PR’s, but you don’t lose strength and size overnight, so I wouldn’t get it back overnight.

Admittedly, I have never worn long-sleeves to the gym; I was use to tiny tanks and my HMB tanks. I have to confess that I’m embarrassed that my arms don’t look like they use to; which is why I’m hitting them like never before. I’m giving myself 8 weeks, they will be back.

Now is the perfect time to commit to a new diet if you’re looking to get back on the fitness trail. A new year is about to set on us and with the drop of the ball brings new hope, new goals, and new ambition.  I’m not looking to lose weight, (lose fat yes) but I’m looking to put on some muscle.  I now have HMB in my body again, which means I know I can hit each body part a few times a week because my recovery time is faster, it’s proven science that I don’t have to guess at. Not only have I upped my gym routine, but one thing I have always been good at is running, so why not let running bring me back to the life? Thus at 5am this morning I layered up with my old winter running gear which included mittens, and took off into the darkness. Every step was a reminder of my leg work out the day before but this time around, I’m breaking barriers, breaking PR’s in the gym and on the roads, and not a single complaint will come from these lips.  I was always told I couldn’t competitively run and grow muscle at the same time. This time it’s my rules, my way, I don’t care what some bodybuilders think is right and wrong, all I have to say is “Watch me!”

Posted on December 27, 2011


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