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Destroying the Arms.

Blog Article ImageI hit the gym today on a mission to destroy arms. You never want to leave out certain muscles when you train. Although some people think that they are not as important you have to realize that your body recruits muscles that you didn’t think would be helping you pull or push so your entire body has to be conditioned to go the distance. Bench you obviously want to have a strong chest, but triceps play a huge part in the explosion as well. Biceps have a low percentage on helping with your pull, but all around you should condition them just like any other body part.

Game plan:
Close grip bench: 135×12 225×10 315×8 225×12
Rope pulldowns: 240×10 240×10 240×8 240×8
Overhead rope extensions: 160×10 160×10 160×8 160×8
Hammer curls (proper form): 60×12 80×10 90×10 100×8
Reverse grip mini bar curls: 60×10 60×10 60×8 60×8
Concentration single arm curls: 50×10 50×10 50×10

For biceps you don’t need that many sets to get a good pump and tear so I don’t go for too many. I left the gym with my arms full of blood and a smile on my face. I haven’t really gone too heavy with biceps in a long time, but I slowly feel like I’m gaining my strength back in my arms and it might not be doing as much on the powerlifting side, but mentally it’s getting closer to the key that will unlock the power I know I have inside. Everyone is different and needs to find their own groove. I still am on the search of mine, but am very conscious of NOT overtraining this cycle. It’s time to buckle down and get ready for some deadlift work tomorrow. I just recently spoke with Vince Urbank who just pulled 910 at his last meet and I am going to implement some of his deadlift routines into my session tomorrow. 

Posted on March 14, 2012


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