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Blog Article ImageFor the past three years I have been in a constant training period, always looking toward my next meet.  This year is quite a bit different.  After winning the 2011 USAPL Men’s Nationals, I have decided to decline my invitation to the 2011 IPF Worlds.  This decision was very hard as this year’s team is shaping up as one of the best in recent years.
The reasons skipping this year were many.  The first and most important reason is my wife and I are expecting our second child.  Although she isn’t due until the beginning of 2012, there are many things to get in order before our new addition arrives.  I felt like I wouldn’t be able to give 100% to training and didn’t think it would be fair to me or the team.
Another reason was the IPF recently adopted a new weight class system, which doesn’t include a 275 pound class, but a 264 pound class.  Many wouldn’t think this is a big deal but I have always been a full 275er.  I usually stay around the low 280’s during the off season and gradually cut to 275 about five weeks prior to a meet.  I felt cutting this much weight in a short time wouldn’t be beneficial to my strength levels and let me competitive. 
My focus now while having my first extended off season is getting my family all in order, dropping to the low 260’s, deciding my next competition and of course becoming stronger.  I have some opportunities to lift in some big upcoming meets, including the Pro Deadlift at the 2012 Arnold Classic, and look forward to competing again.  I will also be counting on HMB heavily to keep my strength and energy levels high as I'm cutting these twenty plus pounds.    
There are several goals in my reach and I know through solid training, proper nutrition along with supplementing with HMB I will attain these in the short future.

Posted on September 8, 2011


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