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Cutting and Rebuilding

Blog Article ImageA new page is about to start in my book of powerlifting. Since I began powerlifting, I was stuck on the naive thought that the bigger I get, the stronger I’ll get, when in all reality it doesn't really matter how big you are to lift a lot of weight. You have 198, 220, 242lb guys proving that fact every meet.  I went from 145lbs years ago to 310 a couple months ago. This last meet at the 2012 LA Fit Expo, everything kind of hit me at once. I realized in my head that I needed to attack my game at a different angle.

Once I left the building that day, my left pec had a sharp pain. I went to the military doctor who then told me that I had sprained my pec. After I got back in the car, I just sat there. I was disappointed with a lot of things and replaying things in my head that I could have done different for a better outcome. Basically, everything that I preach NOT to do, I did. Lol. Like the old saying goes, "There is no reason to cry over spilt milk". It’s like writing your problems in the sand at the beach, eventually they will be washed away over time. With all that being said I took some time off from lifting heavy and focused HEAVILY on cardio and dieting. I went from 290 at the competition in LA to now sitting at 260.5 and still dropping. The goal was and still is to get to 255 and hover there for a bit. I dropped weight a little faster than expected so once, I started lifting heavy again the frustration of getting back into the swing of things set in, but I needed to look past all that.

I have a SOLID platform now to build from, with the knowledge of knowing how to build myself back up the right way. My goal is still to break into the 800lb club and beyond in my bench, but also be at a bodyweight of about 250-255lbs. On top of that I would like to make a statement in the raw full power class and put some big numbers on the board there. I feel like I basically just reset my body while keeping all the knowledge I need to become a bigger threat in the numbers race. I am hungry to grow stronger each and every day in hopes to put up some heavy weight at the Hawaii meet April 7th.

After that I plan to go on a full throttle training cycle towards my next competition the 2012 Olympia in September, as long as I dont deploy or the USPA Nationals in July if I do. I want to thank all my sponsors especially Metabolic Technologies for always being there and providing a great supplement like HMB that promotes the strength I need to conquer my goals.

Posted on March 9, 2012


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