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CrossFit Covington End of Summer Throwdown Results

Blog Article ImageCongratulations to our CrossFit athlete Sam Dancer on his performance this weekend at the CrossFit Covington End of Summer Throwdown.  Sam competed as an individual against 30 competitive male athletes and also competed on the team CrossFit Conjugate where he placed both 1st as an individual and team. 

Podium Finishes:

Male Individual:
                  1. Sam Dancer, CrossFit Conjugate (23pts)
                  2. Patrick O’Connell, Derby City CrossFit (34pts)
                  3. Dre Strohm, unaffiliated (34pts)

Women Individual:
                  1. Lindy Wall, CrossFit the Ville (8pts)
                  2. Melissa Doss, CrossFit NKY (13pts)
                  3. Meghan Hick,s, CrossFit Louisville East (16pts)

Team Rx:
                  1. CrossFit Conjugate (12pts)
                  2. “Angry Emus” CrossFit Maximus (15pts)
                  3. “Daglutes” CrossFit Maximus (17pts)

For full results from the throwdown please click here.

Posted on August 26, 2013


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