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CrossFit Conjugate Black makes the Podium.

Blog Article ImageWe would like to congratulate all the athletes that participated this weekend in the CrossFit Games.  Team HMB athlete Sam Dancer competed with his rookie team CrossFit Conjugate Black in hopes of earning a spot on the podium.  After a grueling 4 days worth of events CrossFit Conjugate Black was able to pull it out and finish on the leaderboard in 2nd place.

One of the biggest highlights from the team competition was CrossFit Conjugate Black stepping up on the platform for the max deadlift events.  The 3 male athletes had a total of 6 minutes to pull a heavy deadlift and then afterward the 3 females had to do the same.  Lindsey Kelly of CrossFit Conjugate Black pulled a whopping 405 lb. deadlift helping the females get a 1105 lb. total and 1st place.  Sam Dancer also pulled big with a deadlift of 655 lbs., which not only helped his team take 1st in the event, but was also the heaviest deadlift in the team events!  Click here to watch their amazing performance in the deadlift events (Start video at 56:30)!

We are very proud of Sam Dancer and his team for their outstanding performance at the CrossFit Games and look forward to seeing these athletes compete in the future!

CrossFit Conjugate Black Event Results:
            Event 1: The Beach: 8th (71 pts.)
            Event 2: Relay Run: 30th (27 pts.)
            Event 3: Frantasy Land: 11th (65 pts.)
            Event 4: Big Bob 100: 14T (59 pts.)
            Event 5: Deadlift Male: 1st (50 pts.)
            Event 6: Deadlift Female: 1st (50 pts.)
            Event 7: Big Bob 200: 33T (24 pts.)
            Event 8: Chipper Male: 8th (71 pts.)
            Event 9: Chipper Female: 17th (53 pts.)
            Event 10: Squat Burpee: 8th (71 pts.)
            Event 11: Worm Sprint: 4th (85 pts.)
            Event 12: Team Fifties: 1T (100 pts.)
            Event 13: Worm Bob Final: 2nd (190 pts.)

2014 CrossFit Game Podium Results:

            1. CrossFit Invictus (935 pts.)
            2. CrossFit Conjugate Black (916 pts.)
            3. CrossFit Marysville (911 pts.)

Individual Male:
            1. Rich Froning (925 pts.)
            2. Mathew Fraser (875 pts.)
            3. Jason Khalipa (844 pts.)
Individual Women:
            1. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (918 pts.)
            2. Annie Thorisdottir (878 pts.)
            3. Julie Foucher (793 pts.)

For the full results from the 2014 CrossFit Games please visit here

Posted on July 28, 2014


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