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CrossFit Central East Regional Recap

Blog Article ImageOne week ago the CrossFit Central East Regionals came to a close with some tough competitors.  After 7 grueling events Team HMB athlete Taylor Drescher placed 21st overall.  We are very proud of her performance and look forward to seeing what’s in store for this Marine/CrossFitter.  Below is a leaderboard from the Central East Regional and Taylor’s results.  Be sure to check out this short interview with Taylor from Regionals!

Taylor’s Results:
Event 1 “Jackie”: 28th (7:29.3)
Event 2 “OHS”: 10th (175lbs x 3 reps)
Event 3 “Burpie/Muscle Ups”: 23rd (7:12)
Event 4 “The Hundreds”: 30th (26:23)
Event 5 “Deadlift/Box Jumps”: 7th (4:05.2)
Event 6: 25th (15:03)
Event 7 Rope Climbs/Cleans: 16th (6:01.5)
Overall: 21st (139)

Individual Women’s Central East Results:
                  Jennifer Smith (26)
                  Michelle Kinney (29)
                  Lindy Wall (39)
                  Lindsey Smith (52)
                  Julianne Broadbent (52)

Individual Men’s Central East Results:
                  Rich Froning (15)
                  Scott Panchik (30)
                  Dan Bailey (32)
                  Graham Holmberg (33)
                  Marcus Hendren (44)

Posted on June 17, 2013


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