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Continuing to Make Gains

Blog Article ImageWell, here it is, my first blog since my back-to-back pro wins at the HOA Classic.  I won the title in 2012 and then won it again this past May!  I trained all year for that particular show because I wanted to win 2 years in a row so badly and it all paid off.

Now, no more time to celebrate, time to focus on getting the 3 peat!  My training was about as hard as I ever have had.  The last week of training I incorporated 3 a day workouts for each body part and just sucked all the remaining fat off my body.  I came into the show as hard as I have been. 

Picking up where I left off, I have been doing 2 a days for chest, back and legs for the last month and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  I have already added on 10lbs in the last month and I am about as lean as I was in competition (not quite), but I am making monster gains right now.  It is safe to say there is no way I could train like I do at 43 years old without HMB.  The recovery aspect of HMB keeps me at peak physical condition even when I am hitting the same muscle group 3 times per day and that is all on a NO CARB diet! 

I am looking to make some big noise in 2014 with several wins, hopefully.  Right now I hit the gym at 6 am on Mondays for chest and back, then chest and back again at noon.  Then on Tuesdays I do the same thing with legs.  Wednesday through Friday is 1 workout per day for arms, shoulders, calves and abs.  Saturday and Sunday consist of rest!  HMB is by far my favorite supplement that I take and it is one of the supplements that I believe you can't do without. 

Getting geared up now for the Titan Classic, which is a natural competition that I promote here in Des Moines on June 22nd!  Everything else in life is great right now, working hard, training harder and even though I will not be back on stage this year (at least not planning on it) I am very much looking forward to my next competition and hopefully bringing the jaw dropping package that I know I can deliver! 

Posted on June 18, 2013


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