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Continuing Down the Path of Progress | Eric Todd

School is back in session, and life has become even busier.  My training is still progressing which has been positive.  I have finally reintroduced back squats to my regiment, and though very light for the time being, they feel good.  I have even competed twice in the past month.  

The first event was the IAWA World Postal.  I did not specifically train for this event, but I did end up posting the highest pullover and push in the meet, which was my second highest ever.  I am actually sure I left some in the tank on that one.  

The other meet was the first one I have specifically trained for since 2015 Nationals.  It was the Old Time Strongman Championship, which I have won on 2 occasions.  The competition went pretty well.  First event was the Dinnie Lift, which is usually a pretty good lift for me.  I hit 700 lbs. for my first attempt, but had torn my hands up a bit in training, and 730 lbs. would not go this time.  It was still the highest lift of the meet.  Next event was Thor's Hammer.  I tied for top honors in the meet with a all-time national record of 55 lbs., then broke it again with 60 lbs. on a fourth attempts.  The third lift was the Saxon Snatch, where I had the top lift in competition of 105 lbs. which tied my all time PR.  However, one of my confederates hit 110 lbs. on a fourth attempt breaking the all-time record.  The last lift of the day was the Hackenschmidt Floor Press, where I hit a meet best with 400 lbs.  I ended up with the highest total of the day, but had to settle for second when we figured in the formula.

I am currently preparing to compete in the IAWA Gold Cup, which is an international competition.  Training for this is going along nicely.  With the help of HMB and PEAK ATP, I plan on continuing on this path of improvement.  I will let you all know how it goes.

- Eric Todd, Strength Athlete

Posted on September 29, 2016


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