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Contest Prep...8 Weeks Out

Blog Article ImageMarch 15th is 8 weeks out from my kickoff to the 2014 season.  I have been prepping now for 8 weeks and it is going really well.  I started at 228 lbs. and now I am sitting at 214 lbs. with 8 weeks to go.  My prep started really slow, easing my way into it, but now I am kicking it up a notch and really focusing on what needs to be done. 

I started my prep with one of my favorite workouts to help with muscle growth and fat loss at the same time.  I call it 6 - 12 -25!  I do this for each body part.  To understand it here is an example of a quad workout. 

Squats, 6 reps, superset with hack squats for 12 reps, superset leg extensions for 25 reps
Rest 2 minutes and then repeat 4 more times! 

If you have never done this type of workout, give it a try, but be prepared to feel pain and be exhausted!  HMB is crucial for me during this time, many of my friends who don't take HMB have tried to train with me on this workout and they can never finish it.  They can't recover quick enough to push their muscles through the workout.  It is one of my absolute favorite supplements. 

On May 10th, I will be going for a 3 peat Pro Overall Title at the HOA Classic in Illinois.  I would love to be able to walk out of there for the 3rd straight year with the win!  Nothing happens unless you make it happen, so leaving nothing to chance, and hoping to come to the show with my best package yet.  Right now my weeks look like this.  I have weight training 5 days per week.  Then interval HIIT 2 days per week, 30/90 sec splits, for 9 sets with 2 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.  Then I do LISS cardio 3 days per week after weight training for 10 minutes.  I also include abs 2 times per week and glute work 3 times per week.  All of this with a full time job and 4 boys at home!  It can be done, if you want it, you can find the time.  Get healthy and use HMB to hit your goals.

Posted on March 12, 2014


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