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Blog Article ImagePeople often ask me about the “hard work” of training and nutrition leading up to a show. On the day of the show I will be concentrating on the details such as hair, makeup, and tanning application. That day will be the only day when I feel like I need to do any “work”.

Eating healthy and training intensely is a part of my daily schedule, so it doesn’t feel like hard work, since I enjoy it so much. I love pushing myself beyond my limits and watching my physique improve with the help of HMB, whether a competition is approaching or not. I also love walking on stage with the lights shining on me to proudly present my physique to the judges and audience. Besides a little extra time on some details, there is no hard work for me, just a lot of fun. :)

This weekend I will be traveling to my home state of Pennsylvania to compete in my second show of the season. I have a new suit, a physique that is always improving, and plenty of support to make me shine on stage!

Posted on April 28, 2010


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