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Blog Article ImageI know I have felt this good before, but it has been so long that I forgot how it felt! I mentioned in my last blog about not being 100% in over a year and now I’ve finally been able to train as I originally had in the past. I’ve been lifting heavy for over a month which is my favorite type of training when it comes to weights. I feel as though my body is responding well since it is new considering the time off from it. I’ve been eating more yet my body is using all of those extra calories to repair that new muscle.

The entire prep to this show is better in so many ways. Besides feeling 100% physically and mentally, it’s the first time that I have had both a training partner and coaches for a show. I was introduced to Joe and Ingrid of Team Edge at my last show in August and met with them a few weeks later. The biggest help during contest prep is checking in with someone else about your physique and posing. When you are experiencing subtle changes in your physique, it is very helpful to have someone else’s feedback monitoring your progress other than your own. You can drive yourself a little crazy trying to determine what you need to change for yourself. Also, Joe and Ingrid have great energy and support which makes the prep all that more fun and easy.

As for training, I am lucky to have a training partner once a week so we can push each other. Jada Kelly, fellow Team HMB athlete and bikini competitor, is the most ideal partner for me with our similar goals. Since I am lifting heavy, it is necessary to have someone spotting me so I can really give it my all. We train glutes together since it’s the most taxing of all my workouts. Besides being a great training partner, Jada’s personality is uplifting and motivating.

In addition to contest prep, I began taking private lessons from Jared Carlsten, 10th Planet black belt and Pro MMA fighter. As an athlete, one on one instruction is a luxury in addition to class.
The lessons have been extremely helpful to me with learning new moves, correcting and refining ones I’ve learned, and “connecting the dots” where it’s needed. He is a great instructor, very encouraging, and great person.

Especially during contest prep, I’m never missing a dose of HMB. It keeps me healing at a faster rate and ready for my next training session. Keep an eye out for me at my next show on Nov. 9th in Culver City. I will be sporting an improved physique, new suit, make up, and hair! Stay tuned for the update in my next blog! Happy Training!  

Posted on November 2, 2013


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