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Blog Article ImageAfter returning from a very relaxing vacation, I was very ready to begin my contest prep. My prep started last week and will last for 12 weeks leading up to the show on July 5th in Vegas. I’m very eager for this prep since I will be coming into the show the most conditioned I’ve ever been. I’ve been on point all year without any injuries which allowed for improvements during the off-season leading up to this point.

My last show was in November and it was the first time I was coached by Team Edge. I was very happy with the process and results of that show. I had their support along the way, which took a lot of pressure off of me compared to previous shows. Since it was the first time working with them, they were able to learn how my physique responded to the plan. It’s always a little bit of guessing when it’s the first time working with a competitor. We also have 4 weeks longer than last time to adjust as needed. With already working with my coaches, making gains in the off-season, and starting this prep early, I know I will be leaner than the last show.

I was working on putting on a little more size to my glutes in the off-season, which was successful. My coach had me training them 3 times a week with glute specific workouts along with a plyo day. As I go through prep the goal is always to get the waist small while keeping the glutes full. With the added size from off-season it will make it easier when I come in leaner for the show.

I will continue to keep up with my jiu jitsu training throughout most of my prep although I will not be competing in any tournaments during this time. My show will naturally be my main focus right now in terms of training. I will see how I feel the last month of my prep to determine if I need to lessen any of the grappling.

Along with prep is the daily posing which reminds me of the gymnastics days long ago. There can never be too much practice of the same routine to make it flawless and completely natural for stage. I practice with the mirror and also video myself along with meeting with my coach at the boot camps. I check in with my coaches on a weekly basis and take progress photos to make sure everything is on point. It’s such a huge help for me to have another set of eyes looking at my physique other than myself. With the subtle changes every week, it is common among competitors to feel like there are no changes.

During prep I am extra diligent with taking HMB and now BetaTOR. They make an overwhelming difference in my recovery and ability to train even more intensely the next day. I’m currently 11 weeks out from my show and have July 5th in my mind every day in the gym. Check back with me next month when I share my story about transitioning in competing from fitness to figure to bikini divisions. Happy training!

Posted on April 23, 2014


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