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Blog Article ImageMy next show is 6 weeks away and I’m happy to have made noticeable changes from my last show. So far my prep has been very smooth and I have been enjoying my training more than ever. There are changes being made to my plan for 6 weeks out and then again at 4 weeks. I need to be more conditioned for this show and I’m on my way there. I also need to keep my impatience in check when I want to see show day results now.

I’m enthusiastic that my prep is similar to what it used to be when I competed in fitness and figure as an amateur. I started competing in the fitness division given my gymnastics background and enjoying training for a skill. When the figure division arrived, then the number of fitness competitors began to dramatically decrease while the numbers in figure increased. I enjoyed competing in fitness, yet it was discouraging with such a low number of competitors that it didn’t feel like a competition to me.

With several very small turnouts for shows, I began to enter figure competitions as well, since it was the same posing as the physique round in fitness and there were more competitors. After a couple of years the bikini division began. Between feedback from the judges on my physique needing more size in figure, I contemplated switching to the division. I was intimidated by the posing because I felt it was more like modeling or dance, both with which I had no experience. I also felt that the posing didn’t fit my personality.

After thinking about it for a while and talking with experienced people in the fitness industry, I decided to switch to the bikini division. My physique was already up to the standards with my background in fitness and figure. As for the posing, I decided to look at it as a new challenge for myself. In the beginning, I was told I was too lean even though my physique year round was the same as it was for stage. I tend to keep my nutrition on point year round and the judges weren’t looking for a very lean physique either.

After turning pro and competing for a year, I began to miss training for a skill. I also didn’t feel challenged enough given my training and nutrition for a show was the same as it was year round. At this point I began martial arts and was thrilled to be training and competing for a skill once again. During this time the requirements for the bikini division gradually changed to being leaner as it was for figure years ago. Between some personal issues, adjusting to the balance between the two sports, I didn’t feel on key until late last year.

Now both my bikini shows and jiu jitsu tournaments are challenging to me, so I keep my focus accordingly while staying consistent in both year round. With the help of HMB and BetaTOR, I can stay strong, consistent, and fully recovered throughout all of my training. I look forward to the next 6 weeks and the changes that will take place in my physique. Stay tuned for my next month’s blog as I will be very close to show time! Happy training!

Posted on May 30, 2014


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