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Blog Article ImageTwelve weeks down on the diet and one to go!  Contest is this Saturday, May 8th and I am ready.  Started training about 1 year ago and through the help of my diet and HMB I put on 18 lbs this year and it was all lean muscle.  I started my diet at 230 lbs and with 5 days to go I am at 208 and 5.5% body fat.  Last year at a show I did, I walked on stage at 190, so I have kept my size through this diet.  Been training very heavy throughout this diet and I know that has helped also.  I have never looked better and I believe that I will be taking home my Pro-Card!  This final week, diet gets tricky, will be dropping my salt and carb depleting then carb loading.  The last 4 weeks have consisted of cardio for 35 minutes at 6 am, followed by weight training for 1 hour and 15 minutes at Noon, then followed by Posing for about 30 minutes every evening.  I have been eating 7 times per day and watching my body transform, I am very lean and ripped!  Nothing but eggs, brown rice, chicken, and sweet potatoes for the rest of the week!

Posted on May 3, 2010


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