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Competition Season Begins | Danyelle Mastarone

Hello HMB Family!

I hope everyone is enjoying our early spring and using it as motivation to get all of your workouts in! Summer is just around the corner and I have been busy going in too many different directions as always!

Being a mommy is my first priority and my favorite job.  Besides that I work as a real estate sales professional, workout and nutrition coach and marketing consultant. Wow! My schedule is so crazy I actually have to color code it so I know where I am going each day. My little baby is also busy running around and chatting up a storm. He loves the childcare at the gym, so I make time every morning to get my workouts in while he has his social time!

I’m still riding high from my Overall Figure win this past November at the NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix. Since then I have continued to stay lean in my improvement season while building some good muscle! Announcing my goals always helps me to stay accountable, so I am officially 15 weeks out from Team Universe! I have competed on the national stage twice before, but this time I actually feel I am ready for that level of competition. This sport has a major learning curve and I’m finally putting all the pieces together for the stage. I have amazing sponsors and supporters, without whom I could achieve my goals. The combination of PEAK ATP first thing in the morning and HMB throughout the day is my secret weapon for staying lean while continuing to build additional muscle! Look out Nationals, this fit mom is ready to show off her hard work!

-Danyelle Mastarone, NPC Figure Competitor

Posted on March 22, 2016


Yay! Congrats girl! I can't wait to watch your journey to Team Universe and compete Nationally. You're going to do awesome! You're such an inspiration to me <3

Posted By Amber Loree on 03/23/2016

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