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Blog Article ImageIt has been two and a half months since my last show and it seems like forever! I planned for three shows in 2010 starting with the first one being early in the competition season. After my pro debut, my second show was only five weeks away. Originally, my third show was in mid September, leaving me with a whopping four and a half months of no competitions.

It is nice to have a break, but it has been getting a bit lengthy for me. Now, I’ve decided to shorten it and compete next month. I will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to happily represent Team HMB at the IFBB Europa Supershow on August 13th and 14th and will love every minute of it!

As for training, I’ve been adding some cardio to the mix in the past few weeks. Now that we are in the summer months, I’ve been doing much more hiking/outside stairs to enjoy the sunny weather and improve my cardio. Being a gymnast and sprinter, I obviously fit the muscle type of having explosive short bursts of power as a strength of mine and not as much of the endurance cardio. The beautiful weather and the challenge of endurance cardio, give me the motivation to improve in this area. I have also been brushing up on my boxing and jump rope for a cardio bonus.

I have been keeping up with my recent prior training of high intensity weights for that detailed muscle sculpting, plyometrics for agility and strength, and yoga to keep me in alignment. Whether it is short bursts of high intensity cardio in plyometrics and boxing, endurance cardio of hiking, or muscle fatigue of weight training, HMB keeps my recuperation continually improving and wanting to do more the next time!

Posted on July 26, 2010


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