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Check out Muscular Development's July Issue: Read about the effects of HMB!

Want some additional reading on the benefits of HMB?! Check out the July issue of Muscular Development and read the monthly “Nutrition Performance” entry, found on page 164. Author Robbie Durand, M.A. explores the benefits of HMB supplementation, as well as benefits of amino acids arginine and glutamine. He also gives insight to studies done on the amino acid supplement, Muscle Armor, which contains HMB, arginine and glutamine. He explains how the combination of HMB with these essential amino acids leads to greater increases in muscle mass and muscle strength! Be sure not to miss Muscular Development’s article to find out more about the effects of HMB and its ability to stimulate mechanisms in the body that lead to lean mass increases!

Check out this site to learn more about HMB and the science behind its powerful effects!


Posted on June 3, 2009


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