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Changing Pace Again.

Blog Article ImageSchool is back in session, so life changes pace yet again.  Little Phoebe is growing like a weed, and is strong as can be.  She was rolling over at about two or three weeks old.  And when I balance her, she will stand for ten minutes supporting her full bodyweight.  Being a dad is incredible.

I am four weeks out from ASC 105K Pro Nationals.  I will be competing in Detroit, and I am pretty excited.  My training is going quite well.  I am leaning out to make the weight, but the numbers keep moving up.  I have added Juven to my typical Optimum Nutrition HMB to aid that, and so far it is working exceptionally!  There are several of the events that are going to test the lungs, so I have been pushing my conditioning pretty hard.  Everything is feeling good.

After nationals, my plan for the rest of the year is to continue to work on getting stronger, while doing a couple meets just for fun.  I plan on doing the Jackson Weightlifting Club Highland Games in Kirksville.  It was there that I first cut my teeth in strongman and highland games.  In November, I would like to find a powerlifting meet.  I might have to make my dad do it with me, which is always a blast.  That's it for this time around.  The next blog I write will be my experience at nationals.  Wish me luck!

Posted on August 23, 2010


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