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Change of Plans

Blog Article ImageWell, plans have changed yet again.  I was gearing up to start my training for the 2012 Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Classic but due to some scheduling problems I am going to have to pass this year.  I am disappointed because this would be my fourth year competing at the Arnold and have had great success as well as a great time.  Although I am disappointed, I am also blessed to have to miss this.  The reason I say this is because my wife’s doctor is scheduling a c-section on March 2nd, the day before I was set to lift.  After finding this out it was a very easy decision to skip the Arnold to see the birth of my second son. 

I see that Metabolic Technologies (developers of HMB) stepped up and were added to this year’s list of sponsors for USAPL lifting at the Arnold.  This is awesome and shows they’re a company that cares about the sport of powerlifting.  It is also exciting to see there were four Team HMB athletes selected to the Pro Deadlift this year.  This is an elite class of deadlifters and a huge honor to be selected.  I know I’ve said it before but I don’t think this success is a coincidence at all.  HMB is a quality product and when taken will produce great gains in strength and recovery.  Combine this with a solid training program and you can see the above results.  

What’s next on my plate is the 2012 USAPL Nationals.  There shouldn’t be any obstacles in my way as I train and hope to be 100% for this.  I’ve been training pretty light lately but plan on ramping it up in the near future.  I am also focused on getting my weight down due to the new weight class of 264.  Through all of this the one constant is taking my HMB.  I feel taking this helps me hold onto my muscle as I cut the weight while keeping my strength levels from dropping. 

To close out this blog I want to wish fellow HMB athlete Brad Gillingham good luck as he makes the trip to the Czech Republic this week to compete at this year’s IPF Worlds.  He’s been at this a long time and has had great success thus far on the international scene.  Like every year, expect Brad to bring home some hardware for Team USA.

Until next time, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Posted on November 10, 2011


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