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Change is a Good Thing.

Blog Article ImageChange can be a good thing and/or necessary, yet it is an adjustment. I always love the idea of change even though I may dislike it at the same time. With change there is growth and improvement. Throughout life, I may encounter some mistakes and unexpected roadblocks which are inevitable to improve. This talk of growth not only applies to all aspects of life, but also to training, nutrition, and competing.

In 2010, I made some changes over the year with my suit, hair, makeup and posing. Fortunately, my extreme passion for training and balanced nutrition has kept my physique in top notch condition year round. Throughout the year there have been some changes in the division, resulting in adjustments on my part. I learned what works for me and what doesn’t.  With the new competition season in 2011, I wanted to keep some aspects that work yet felt some change was good. Being athletic for my entire life has me conditioned to want to continuously improve and bring my best as often as I can.

In this sport, the entire package is judged on stage. My physique and posing are very important along with all of the details of suit, hair, makeup, and tan.  I had a brand new suit (which I love!) along with some variation in makeup and my posing for the IFBB Muscle Contest this past weekend. I was very excited to see how everything turned out.  I naturally do plenty of practicing beforehand, yet you never know how the entire package is going to look on stage under the lights until you are done competing. I was very pleased, especially with my new suit color. I would like to alter a few details that I will be working on from now until I’m back on stage on May 7th in Pittsburgh!

I had a great time at the show with my home crowd cheering me on. I’ve competed at this venue many times for the past few years. Everything always runs very smoothly and is so enjoyable. I’m continuously grateful every time I compete, because I get to display the results of my passion for training.

Posted on March 29, 2011


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