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Catching Up with Jackie Haas!

Jackie Haas is much more than a fitness model and athlete. Lately Jackie has had her hands full with running her new business, raising her family and training hard to keep her body in shape. As a mother of two, Jackie works hard to keep her body in shape with the continued use of HMB. With her recent involvement in Wrestlemania and opening Custom Muscle, Jackie talks about what’s been going on in her life lately:
Q: What was the recent 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania with the WWE like for you?
JH: “It was as surreal as ever and a rush to say the least. Being back in the ‘squared circle’ after several years gave me the itch to want to go back to it, entertaining fans, both live and across the globe. It was the largest television audience I have ever performed in front of, and there were over 72,000 people there live. I’m thankful I was asked to be a part of the 25 Diva Battle Royal. After getting a taste of it again, as a mom nonetheless, makes me appreciate everything that life has brought my way.”

Q: How was this Wrestlemania experience different for you from other television events you have been a part of?
JH: “The biggest difference in being a part of this Wrestlemania compared to other events was the rush I felt being in front of the most electrifying crowd of the year. Wrestlemania 25 was the largest television audience I have ever performed in front of. Even though the crowd was great, dancing to Kid Rock and next to Kid Rock was a highlight that made it memorable and a lot of fun for me. Also, being in the ring again with some of the most talented Divas that the WWE has ever had was an experience I will always be grateful for.”

Q: If you had another chance to enter the ring for the WWE, would you do it?
JH: “Once you are ‘bit by the wrestling bug,’ you always have the desire to return to the ring. I love to entertain, I love athletics, I love being tough, yet sexy at the same time. Even if I am a mother of two, never say never in the land of professional wrestling. The WWE and pro wrestling have brought me opportunities that I never imaged for myself. Having the chance to go back at the right point in my life is a possibility—nothing is out of the question.”
Q: How has the opening of your new store Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop been and what has this experience been like for you and your husband Charlie?
JH: “Opening Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop has been a lot of work, but so worth it. Charlie and I wanted to open a business venture that we both believe in and live by. Both of us understand the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and being healthy is something we want to pass on to our children, so we decided to go into the business of health and fitness. This is just the beginning for Custom Muscle, both our retail location as well as our online superstore, as we continue to plan big things for Custom Muscle.”

Q: How can people get a discount on HMB purchasing from your online superstore?
JH: “People can receive a discount on our online superstore now through June 30 (2009) by entering the discount code ‘HMB’ when they check out. Customers will receive a discount of 5% off a purchase of $50 or more when they do this.”

Q: How do you fit training in with such a busy schedule as well as raising a family?
JH: “Training to me has always been a part of my lifestyle. When I don’t have a gym or a piece of cardio equipment because I am traveling or on a tight schedule, I know there are always open roads to run on. I have carried this philosophy into raising a family. Keeping fit is a family affair in the ‘HaasHold.’ Tag-teaming with my daughters and making the most of every moment is key. More often than not, a jogging stroller is my best friend, and now that my youngest is old enough, the gym play-care is a life saver for days when my husband Charlie is away. Without my daily workout, I wouldn’t feel like myself. Whether I have 10 minutes or three hours, I make the most out of every moment I have. Being on a strict training schedule is hard for me right now, so I have to make the most of what I can, when I can.”

Q: How has HMB affected your life?
JH: “HMB has affected my life in many ways. I am a true believer in the benefits of this amazing product, not only for training purposes, but for general health reasons as well. I am proud to be a part of Team HMB and reap all the benefits it has brought me. Being a mom on the go while trying to keep my body on track is difficult with the demands that I put on my body, and I don’t think it would be possible without the help of HMB. With the little time I have to rest and recover, HMB helps me continue training with intensity on a regular basis.”

Q: What has been your favorite part about being on team HMB?
JH: “Being on Team HMB has not only allowed me to be surrounded by great people but also gives me the chance to be a part of fun events. The Arnold Classic was a blast this year and for those of you who plan on attending The Olympia, the fun has just begun…be sure to stop by and visit the HMB booth.”
Q: How do you think being a part of Team HMB has helped you in your career goals?
JH: “Being a part of Team HMB has just begun to help me in my career goals. I was able to get back on track after having my second child even faster than after my first, and now my career aspirations are set higher than ever before. Thanks to Team HMB, I will be seen more and more in the fitness industry.”

Q: What’s next for you, both with Team HMB and in your personal life?
JH: “With Team HMB I will soon be starting to train for competitions.  On behalf of Team HMB, you will see me in my first NPC Bikini Competition within the next year, and then I’ll more than likely move onto figure stage.  What I want to focus right now is my 2 young girls and staying as fit as I can. This summer I plan on competing in several local ‘Sprint Triathalon’ events local here in the Dallas area to get back into competition mode before competing on stage.  Once I get several of those under my belt, I will be geared up and ready to hit the figure world in 2010 on behalf of Team HMB and Custom Muscle!”

Q: Do you feel you are an inspiration through everything you have been able to accomplish, especially in your profession?
JH: “I am proud of being a mother of two that cares about health and fitness and passing that along to my family. If I can help others along the way, I am proud to do so, as well as humbled. I never set out to be an inspiration, just to be the best I could be, so if those happen to coincide along the way, I feel even more blessed.”

Q: What words of advice do you have for other people with busy lifestyles who want to reach their own personal fitness goals?
JH: “Once again, living a lifestyle of health and fitness is me, it’s just who I am. It’s a part of my daily routine, so that’s the advice I give, just make it about who you are and what you’re about. Don’t make going to the gym a chore or racking up those weekly miles a task. Instead, make it a reward for the best gift you can give yourself and your family—health.”


Posted on May 27, 2009


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