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Cardinal Challenge 2

Blog Article ImageI got to compete in my 3rd contest of the year this past weekend. I got up the morning of the contest feeling the best I have all year, no nagging injuries to report! Things are definitely going in the right direction now.

There was some great competition that showed up from Maryland and Indiana so it was up to us Michigan guys to defend our home turf. I fully expected Aaron West to put on an incredible show with the debut of some of his new Mammoth Strength equipment and my expectations were completely exceeded.

Event #1: Mammoth Dumbell Press Medley
There were 4 dumbbells to be pressed, and each dumbbell increased in size and weight, finishing with a mammoth 180lb 14” diameter bell. I was slow and steady here and was able to finish the 4th press in around 50 seconds. This placed me mid-pack in what was my weakest event of the day.

Event #2: Yoke and Barrel Carry
I took the 750lb yoke 60’ with good speed but was behind the leader. I made up some ground on the 55gallon barrel carry but not enough. I finished in 24 seconds for second place.

Event #3: Mammoth Car Squat
In the heavy weight class we were squatting a BMW Z4 which weighs 1750lb at the rear tires. Good set up is very important to a car squat. If it is not just right the apparatus will fold you over and you have no chance. After bombing this event at World’s two years ago I wanted redemption, and got it. Blasted out 10 eye popping reps which doubled the second place score! 1st place.

Event #4: Arm over Arm pull
We had to pull a Mercedes SUV for 60’ from a seated position. Once the vehicle got rolling it was all about hand and hip speed. The faster you could reel in the rope, take out the slack and pull again was more important than getting max force on the pull. I pulled out a 2nd place here and a 2.5 point lead going into the last event.

Event #5: Atlas Stone Load
Stones weighing 300-380 pounds had to be hoisted up to a 54” platform.
Stone lifting has been a struggle for me over the last year. I have not been able to get any “extension” out of my mid back. I was able to load the first 3 easily but a little slow. This gave me 4th for the event and the overall win by 1 point.

I would like to take a minute to thank MTI, Optimum Nutrition and ABB for getting me the best supplements available. Using HMB has been a big part of my preparation over the last few years. Plus Optimum and ABB protein shakes and bars have been great for getting those extra grams of protein between normal meals and right after training when you aren’t quite ready to eat.

Moving forward I’m confident I’ve got all the nagging injuries from earlier this year behind me and am beginning preparation for the 105KG America’s Strongest man and NAS Heavyweight nationals.

Here is footage from the event:



Posted on July 29, 2011


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