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Buyer Beware: There is a difference in the HMB sold on the market!

Metabolic Technologies maintains a research lab that evaluates the quality of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) that we sell to our customers and that infringing companies dump on the market. Additionally, we evaluate HMB for purity and quality for every lot that we sell. We insist the companies that distribute HMB place our patents on the label, which assures that you are getting the highest quality product available. However, there are companies that attempt to avoid licensing HMB from Metabolic Technologies and often put an inferior or no HMB in their products. This could explain why some individuals have reported mixed results with HMB supplementation. This would also explain why the HMB product they are taking has an off or bad flavor. Our lab recently received a bottle of HMB capsules from a non-licensed manufacturer, and we wanted to share these results. The capsules were analyzed by HPLC and the accompanying picture illustrates the poor quality of HMB in this product. Besides HMB, there were three other compounds in the capsules that diluted out the HMB supplied in their inferior product. Those who buy this product are being cheated! For comparison, we included an example of the high quality HMB we sell. Can you notice the difference? Occasionally, we find products with no HMB in them at all (this is illustrated by the third image here). At Metabolic Technologies, we will continue to provide the highest quality HMB available and do everything in our power to prevent those manufactures of non-licensed HMB products from staying on the market with poor quality HMB.


Posted on March 6, 2008


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