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Busy Spring Schedule | Brad Gillingham

In March I travelled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to watch the NCAA Division II National Wrestling Championships.  This was a great spectator event with six mats going at all times in the Denny Sanford Premier Center. I have been helping out on a volunteer basis for the past several years with Southwest Minnesota State University Wrestling - Strength and Conditioning. Our heavyweight wrestler, Cole Wilson was our only qualifier this year.  Cole also has trained in the off season the past 3 years at Jackals Gym.  Cole is one of the hardest workers I have ever been around, and his strength levels would make him competitive at the USAPL RAW Nationals.  His hard work payed off this year as he finished his career as an All American.  We are very proud at Jackals Gym to add an NCAA Division II All American Wrestler to our Wall of Fame! 

My daughters have been busy with the spring with their volleyball and track and field seasons.  It is always great to attend these events.  It has been a challenge to try to figure out how to get our strength training in with the busy schedules.  So far we have managed to hit our workouts.

My training has been going very well for the IPF RAW World Championships.  I have been squatting 5x5 two days a week, and the strength has been coming back. I am still a long ways from PR strength but it is early in my training and my 5x5 is getting close to 500 lbs.  My bench training has also been going well, which I’m training two days a week.  One day a week I have been hitting six sets of three, and the other day I have been working up to heavy triples with the Sling Shot.  Unfortunately, I have had a medical situation come up last week. My training has been temporarily put on hold while dealing with this medical situation.

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Stay Strong!


Posted on April 13, 2016


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