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Bryce Holmes Interview

Background on Bryce Holmes:


Competition History:


2002 - NANBF    

Mr. Iowa-3rd open

Central Midwest (novice) - 1st

Heartland Classic- 3rd open 


2005 - NPC         

Caveman Classic- 2nd superheavy  


2006 - NPC         

Junior Nationals- 6th superheavy  (First national show)

Missouri State Bodybuilding Championships- 1st superheavy and overall title. Most muscular male award.


2007 - NPC       

Junior Nationals- 15th 

North Americans- 14th


2008 - NPC       

Junior Nationals- 11th 

Muscle mayhem championships- 1st superheavy and most muscular male award.

North Americans- 9th 



Five biggest bodybuilding accomplishments:


1) Placed top three in all of my regional contests with one overall title and top ten in two of my national contests.


2) Competed at the national level


3) Awarded two most muscular male awards


4) Trained by some of the biggest names in the sport.


5) Representing HMB!



Bryce Holmes Interview:


Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions today, Bryce.  Let’s get started. Why did you start competing in body building?

I actually started working out to just get bigger.  I got noticed by a couple of judges who said that I should compete and did, winning my novice class and finishing third in the open class.  I had alot of fun and fell in love with competing and the recognition I attained from my hard work and wanted to see how far I could take my new found talent.  Despite a few lower placings,  I have been very happy with my accomplishments.  Learning from some of the best athletes and trainers in the sport as well as learning more about my body and what it takes for me to keep progressing and getting better.


What kind of training have you done to get to a National Level of competition?

It has been a huge learning process.  Workouts always change obviously, but to reach the next level meant reaching to people with more knowledge and better guidance.  It came down to learning about the kind of training, rest and intensity my body needs to keep progressing.  I lift with very high intensity.  Heavy weight and low volume is how my body responds the best..  I need plenty of rest in between my workouts with plenty of good foods.  My diet and workouts are written down daily and kept track of very precisely.  I eat clean all year round and that has been 80% of my results.   When I started bodybuilding, I was a very lean 200lbs.  I am now competing at 270lbs and hoping to compete this year around 280+lbs.   I am in my offseason weight of 311lbs at 11% bodyfat.  Being consistent is the key.


What has been your proudest moment in competitions?

That would be winning the Missouri state bodybuilding championships superheavy class, the overall and the most muscular male award.  I did that show just five weeks after finishing sixth at the 2006 junior nationals, which I was very proud of doing as well, considering it being my first national show.


What important lessons have you learned from competing in these competitions?

I have learned that all I can do is worry about myself and not to worry about everyone else.  Politics obviously play into every sport and some placings never make sense, but no matter what, I just have to work my butt off and not give up.  Eventually I will get recognized as I hope I should.


Being a new user of HMB, what do you hope to gain from using this product?

With all the hours I work as a personal trainer and manager, and taking care of my family, as well as trying to keep my training at its peak each and every day, I need recovery, and with all the research and studies behind this product, I am already noticing big results and changes in my length of recovery.  I feel great and my workouts aren't suffering like they sometimes had with my long hours.


What plans/competitions lie in the future for you?

My next show will be Nationals 2009.  I just hope to make the gains I need this year to get me to where I need to be, so there is no doubt as where I will place.  Top five is always a great goal.  That's what I hope for this year. I also just want to keep representing HMB and turning people on to how great a product it really is!



Thanks again for your time on this interview, and welcome to Team HMB!


Posted on February 11, 2009


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