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Breaking Records | Eric Todd

My training has been going well for the most part.  Everything upper body has been progressing well.  My front and back squats have been creeping up, as has trap bar deadlifts.  I am still training very cautiously with those movements due to a previous back injury however.  The one issue I have had was reintroducing regular deadlifts back in.  The first day felt great.  I clearly kept it light, but everything felt good.  The next time, I bumped up the weight just the tiniest amount.  This was still quite light and easy, but when I straightened up at the top, I felt something start to go.  I immediately did some decompression and stretching.  I was fearful that I had done more damage.  However, I iced, stretched and did inversion for a couple days, and so far everything seems ok.  It was a good reminder to take deadlifts slow in order to continue progressing.

I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to travel with a couple of my old strongman buddies to Kansas Strongest Man to serve as head judge for the event.  It was awesome to catch up with these guys who I shared so much blood, sweat and tears with through success and failure.  It was good to see old friends at the event, and see the new blood that is getting into the sport.

I also recently competed in a USAWA record day, where I broke records in 5 different disciplines.  These included the holdout raised, holdout lowered, Fulton bar bench press, and lateral raise standing.  The record that I was most pleased with that day, however, was my National record in the crucifix.  I hit 148 lbs., or 74 lbs. per hand at 115 kg bodyweight.  This is the best all-time in the USA, beating my 140 lbs. that I had previously done in 2005.  This also gives me the American record in this lift in 4 different weight classes. Click here for an article I wrote as far as the technique of this lift goes.

Summer is officially here, and school is out.  Time to live it up playing with kids and working on the farm.  I am setting my sites on the Old Time Strongman Championship, which will be contested in September.  With the help of HMB and PEAK ATP, I look forward to lots of good training this summer to help make this event a successful one for me.

- Eric Todd, Strength Athlete

Posted on June 13, 2017


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