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Boxing Skills | Mike "Kujo" Kurzeja

"What are the most important skills to learn to become a boxer?"

The most important skills to learn to become a boxer are offense and defense. This sounds simple, but it is actually quite complex. Offense consists of throwing numerous punches and learning how to throw these punches quickly, powerfully, and efficiently. After mastering the different punches, one needs to learn how to throw from different angles. This is not an easy thing to master but it can't be done with practice.  

Defense is a totally different art, and takes much practice to get good at. On defense one must hold their hands up at the right times, move away from punches, slip and move. In addition one needs to learn how to roll with the punches so when you actually get it you don't take the full force of a punch.  Sometimes ones offense becomes their defense. This means by throwing punches you don't allow your opponent to throw punches as you put him on the defensive. Footwork is also important with offense and defense and is one of the most difficult things to learn in Boxing.  However, as with anything else, practice makes perfect and all these skills can be learned to perfection.


  Mike "Kujo" Kurzeja, Pro Boxer

Posted on November 20, 2017


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