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Bikini to Rashguard

Blog Article ImageI couldn’t have been happier with my results in my last show. I believe it was the best my physique has looked since I started the bikini division. The entire prep and show went extremely smooth. The contest prep helped me determine the most ideal nutrition and conditioning for my future jiu jitsu tournaments. The level of leanness along with the amount of conditioning at about 4 weeks out from my show had me feeling the best combination of strength and cardio for rolling. I revised my training plan to adding upper body conditioning supersetted with plyos to be specific for jiu jitsu.

When I returned from Vegas, I took it easy with training for a week. It takes me almost up to a week for my body to be fully rehydrated and feel like my strength is back to normal. The following week I was back full time and preparing for my next tournament, which is on August 9th.

I have to admit that I was daydreaming about jiu jitsu during most of my contest prep and dying to do a tournament. Before my prep, I promised myself that I wouldn’t overlap tournaments and contest prep, since it did not work well for me last year. I’m glad I stuck to my plan, yet the daydreaming wasn’t quite as good as the real thing. I didn’t do any rolling the last two weeks of my prep and no class at all the last week. Given that I didn’t want to feel rusty, I planned to compete at least a month after I started training again. I wanted to have at least a month full time before competing to feel prepared.

I also haven’t had my personal lessons in over two months due to a combo of my prep and my coach’s injuries. Although I miss them, the previous lessons seem to be sinking in my brain and everything is feeling more natural. It always amazes me (and makes me happy) when a move suddenly pops into my head that I didn’t learn recently. I often think too much and hesitate during rolling which gets in the way of my game.

My goals for my next tournament are to breathe slowly and calmly like in my last tournament and to win by submission. I’ve been going to some extra classes and getting in drills whenever a fellow teammate is available and willing. Since I started using BetaTOR before my training, my strength and stamina have improved tremendously. As always, HMB helps to recover from class as well as my strength training. Stay tuned next month for results from the NABJJF North American tournament on August 9th.

Happy training!

Posted on August 1, 2014


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